Transforming Lives on India's Highways: What The Truck by Trucknetic

Hardships Faced by Truckers

India’s economy hums because of the silent heroes behind the wheel – the 2 million truck drivers carrying lifeblood on 60% of the nation’s freight. Yet, their plight remains unseen, marred by long hours, low wages, and a lack of respect. What The Truck (WTT), a social initiative by TruckNRtic, stands on the frontline, fighting for a brighter future for every Indian driver.

We believe in a world where they are safe, prosperous, and valued.

Trapped in Time

The Grind of Long Hours: Driving for up to 300 days a year, 14 hours a day, leaves little room for life beyond the road. This relentless strain impacts health, safety, and family bonds.

A Dollar Short

The Struggle for Fair Wages: Unstable income, delayed payments, and exploitation by middlemen create financial insecurity, keeping drivers trapped in a cycle of hardship.

Highway Hazards

The Fear of Unseen Dangers: Poorly maintained trucks, treacherous roads, and reckless driving make every mile a gamble with safety. Lack of insurance leaves them vulnerable in case of accidents.

Respect Denied

The Stigma of the Open Road: Society often overlooks the crucial role truckers play, viewing them with indifference or even disdain. This lack of recognition adds to their emotional burden

Health Ignored

The Toll of a Grueling Job: Muscle pain, vision problems, and sleep disorders are prevalent, but drivers prioritize work over health due to financial constraints and limited access to medical care.

Future Uncertain

The Looming Driver Shortage: Demoralized by these challenges, many drivers leave the profession, jeopardizing the entire logistics sector. A thriving trucking industry needs a thriving driver community.

How trucknetic is helping them

Unsung Heroes of the Road

What The Truck is Fighting for Every Indian Driver


Equipping drivers with formal training and skills necessary for safe driving and better job opportunities.


Advocating for transit insurance and access to government healthcare schemes to protect drivers from financial burdens in case of accidents and illness.

Health On Wheels

Bringing free medical checkups and basic care directly to truck stops, prioritizing their well-being.

Ready to join the fight for a better future for all truck drivers?

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Feeling the weight of the road?

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