Unlock Growth with Trucknetic's Partner Program

Our Value Proposition

Trucknetic’s Partner Program offers comprehensive support to fleet owners, transporters, and logistics startups, driving business growth. Benefits include free access to welfare schemes, customized dashboards, and analytics for cost and fuel optimization. Partners enjoy daily loads, fast payment settlements, discounts on fuel cards, seamless API integration, and ease of operations. We prioritize issue resolution and electrification of the fleet for reduced emissions, ensuring a sustainable future. Join our Partner Program for a logistics revolution.

Asset Utilization

Efficiently utilize your assets with Trucknetic's partner program. Whether you're a B2B brand or an individual shipper, our platform offers seamless truck bookings across India. We provide constant, democratized loads for optimal asset utilization.

Return Load

Boost your revenue with Trucknetic's partner program. We activate all types of trucking movements in specific regions, ensuring return loads and competitive freight prices. Enjoy higher earnings per trip with consistent load opportunities.


Join India's electrification movement with Trucknetic. Our partner program introduces you to EV Trucks, fostering cleaner and sustainable fuel adoption. We create an ecosystem with EV OEMs, EV-as-a-Service providers, and charging stations to drive electrification.

What The Truck

Trucknetic's partner program prioritizes carrier welfare. We assist carriers in adopting cleaner fuels, ensuring compliance with regulations, and protection from RTO harassment. Empower truck drivers and carriers with benefits like free medical checkups and life insurance coverage through our partnerships.

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