Customer success Stories

Before Trucknetic, managing our complex supply chain was a logistical nightmare. Now, their transparent platform has brought clarity and efficiency. We’ve slashed costs, boosted customer satisfaction, and unlocked sustainable growth. Trucknetic is the missing piece in our logistics puzzle.

- Rajendra Raina

Operations Manager, Vijay Sales

Since partnering with Trucknetic, our logistics have gone from roadblock to rocket fuel. Their AI-powered platform optimizes routes, minimizes costs, and ensures on-time deliveries, allowing us to focus on what matters most – serving our customers. Thank you, Trucknetic, for driving our brand’s success.

- Saurabh Mety

Senior Vice president operations, Otipy

Trucknetic went beyond just providing trucks. They became a strategic partner, understanding our needs and suggesting innovative solutions. Their AI platform predicted demand spikes, adjusted routes on the fly, and ensured our raw materials always arrived on time. With Trucknetic, we’re not just shipping goods, we’re building a lasting partnership for success.

- Rahul Tomar

Assistant Manager, Patanjali Parivahan

Logistics were a tangled mess, eating into profits and slowing down deliveries. Then, Trucknetic came in and streamlined everything. Their transparent pricing, optimized routes, and real-time tracking gave me complete control. Now, we’re shipping across the country with ease, and our customer base is soaring. Trucknetic is the backbone of our growth!

- Rahul Panwar

Supply chain and logistics manager, Moglix

Trucknetic has been instrumental in optimizing our logistics. Their FTL, PTL, and LTL services have streamlined our operations, resulting in significant cost savings. Their commitment to transparency and reliability sets them apart.

- Rajesh Pillai

Associate Director - Operations, Elastic Run

Trucknetic’s innovative approach to truck booking and route optimization has significantly streamlined our operations, contributing immensely to our business growth. Their commitment to providing dependable, eco-friendly logistics solutions is commendable. A heartfelt thank you to Trucknetic for being a pivotal partner in our journey towards success.

- Lalit Saxena

Supply Chain Manager, Action Tesa

Trucknetic has been a game-changer for our business. Their vast network and cutting-edge technology have allowed me to grow ourĀ  business rapidly, and we always have access to a wide range of online truck loads. It’s incredible how quick and efficient their support team is!

- Sanjay Sharma

Relationship Manager, Dehaat

We’ve seen a significant reduction in our transportation costs since partnering with Trucknetic. Their competitive rates and real-time tracking have helped us optimize our spending while delivering exceptional service. With their platform, finding the right trucks for our shipments has become a breeze.

- Ravi Kiran

Chandrashekhar, Zolostay

Thanks to Trucknetic, we’ve expanded our business without the logistical headaches. Their platform has allowed us to scale efficiently, reach new markets, and focus on what we do best.It’s a one-stop solution that saves us both time and money.

- Ramkrit Yadav

Senior Executive, Jumbotail

We’ve tried various services, but Trucknetic stands out. Trucknetic provides us with peace of mind. We no longer worry about shipment delays or unreliable carriers. Their platform guarantees reliable trucks, on-time deliveries, and happier customers.

- Amit Tomar

Senior Manager,Let's transport

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