Transport Services From Delhi To Hyderabad

Finding a good transportation service company is a daunting task, let alone getting a good logistics company with satisfactory customer service.

Transporting goods from Delhi to Hyderabad is not an easy task, and there has to be good customer service that can assure the customers of the security of their goods. But it is exactly what many transportation companies lack the most.

With Trucknetic, this is not a problem as it provides the best customer service, which is accessible to all. Trucknetic is open to any sort of queries and always maintains healthy communication with the customers.

To know more about our customer policy, let’s dive into the blog.

Types Of Loads Majorly Transported From Delhi To Hyderabad

Delhi and Hyderabad are both cities with dynamic lifestyles with residential buildings, commercial offices, factories and industries. There are many goods that need to be transported from Delhi to Hyderabad regularly and quickly to maintain the local businesses of Hyderabad and for other purposes.

The main constituents of the loads that are transported from Delhi to Hyderabad are several domestic products such as blotting paper, boot polish, castor oil, dust bins, dyes, and lamp holders.

With them, there is also a massive quantity of domestic electrical appliances transported from Delhi to Hyderabad, including toasters, room heaters, mixers and grinders, and air conditioners. Also, there are domestic house wirings like P.V.C. wires and cables.

That is why smooth and quick transporting from Delhi to Hyderabad is required so that all these goods can reach their destination on time and in proper condition.

In this case, Trucknetic can be really useful as it has special arrangements for long routes like from Delhi to Hyderabad and delivers the loads on time.

Truck Types

There are many truck types that are used for transportation, but they primarily depend on the weight and type of load that is being transported. Usually, the following truck types are used for the route from Delhi to Hyderabad.

Truck TypeAverage Pricing
14 FT42,000
17 FT46,000
20 FT48,000
22 FT51,000
32 FT SXL64,000
32 FT MXL68,000
32 FT Open Trailer70,000
10 TYRE – 18 ton3,750 Per Ton
12 TYRE – 25 ton3,400 Per Ton

Tolls, Compliances And Average Pricing

There are many factors on which the average transportation cost depends from Delhi to Hyderabad, including truck type, weight, and type of load.

The total amount of tolls and compliances for the route from Delhi to Hyderabad can be added up to approximately Rs. 7,385.

However, these charges of tolls and compliances are affected by the GST.

After checking all the factors for the route from Delhi to Hyderabad, the average cost of transportation will be between Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 68,000.

Below is the table that can be referred to for the toll charges from Delhi to Hyderabad.

Toll NameToll Charge
Jajau (Old Baretha)300
Gwalior Bypass (Mehra)305
Khawasa FP335
Mansar (Kamptee – Kanhan Bypass)/Tekadi475
Borkhedi (Nagpur)455

Major Cities Enroute Transport Services From Delhi To Hyderabad

The route from Delhi to Hyderabad is 1,583 km in length, and the major cities that lie on this route are as follows,

·        Delhi

·        Gwalior

·        Jhansi

·        Sagar

·        Lalitpur

·        Deori

·        Narsinghpur

·        Adilabad

·        Hyderabad

Hire Trucknetic For Transport Services From Delhi To Hyderabad

Are you looking for a complete transportation package for load shifting from Delhi to Hyderabad? Trucknetic is a tech-first logistics company reinventing how people perceive digital transportation by building an online market that seamlessly integrates shippers and carriers through machine learning and AI.

Trucknetic is working with the transport service providers from Delhi to Hyderabad. Our transport service staffs and the team from Delhi to Hyderabad include expert transporters from the industry to ensure that the transportation is done efficiently. We contribute our operational and managerial efficiency at every stage to make the transport of logistics services from Delhi to Hyderabad smooth and easy.

It stands out among the rest. With transport excellence as our goal, we ensure the comfort and efficiency of transportation from the very start if you are planning to move from Delhi to Hyderabad.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Payments Processed on Trucknetic?
Trucknetic connects load owners and lorry providers and the freight is calculated as per the rates exchanged by the parties. The Trucknetic Escrow Account helps to keep the payments of both parties secure until the commitments from both ends are fulfilled. Also, users can check out ratings, connections, and recommendations for transporters & truck owners before making a decision.
Trucknetic assists load owners aka Shippers finding trucks online. With the Trucknetic Shipper App, load owners can explore more than 50,000 truck or fleet owners pan India. They can compare freight prices, get end-to-end logistics service, and get their shipment done hassle-free.
Trucknetic is a standardized platform that provides access to load owners pan India. A truck owner can avail of return loads through Trucknetic Carrier App, leading to better asset utilization and revenues per truck per day. Truck owners can expand their routes and operations on different lanes, without any middlemen and real-time tracking of their vehicles.
The real-time location of the trucks is available till the last mile of the destination. The WhatsApp Integration gives notification alerts of live location.
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