Pincode Of South West Delhi 

India has about 29 states and more than 8200 cities and towns. Don’t you think it is important that all of these are easily identifiable? Well to solve this problem each district, village, town, and city in India has a unique postal code called a “PIN code,” this is a code in India Post’s system for numbering post offices and assigning postcodes. The primary goal of the Postal Index Number is that it assists in sending mail and distinguishing areas from one another. 

Now, let’s understand more about how the PIN code is made different each time. The PIN code has six numbers. The first three numbers of a PIN denote a certain area of the country called a “sorting district.” Depending on the number of mail sent to that state, it may have one or more sorting districts. The fourth number is the route on which a sorting district’s delivery office is located. The last two numbers show the delivery office within the sorting district, which is the GPO or HO starting with the number 1.

Here you can find the pin codes of the South West Delhi district in Delhi.

South West Delhi District Pin Code List

505 A B WorkshopNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
A F PalamNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
A F RajokariNASouth West DelhiDELHI110038
Anand NiketanNASouth West DelhiDELHI110021
Ansari NagarNASouth West DelhiDELHI110029
Aps ColonyNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
ArjungarhNASouth West DelhiDELHI110047
Aya NagarNASouth West DelhiDELHI110047
Bazar RoadNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
BijwasanNASouth West DelhiDELHI110061
C.S.K.M. SchoolNASouth West DelhiDELHI110074
C.V.D.NASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
Chanakya PuriNASouth West DelhiDELHI110021
ChandanhoolaNASouth West DelhiDELHI110074
ChattarpurNASouth West DelhiDELHI110074
COD South West DelhiNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
Delhi CanttNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
DeraNASouth West DelhiDELHI110074
Dhaula KuanNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
Fatehpur BeriNASouth West DelhiDELHI110074
GadaipurNASouth West DelhiDELHI110030
GhitorniNASouth West DelhiDELHI110030
Green Park MarketNASouth West DelhiDELHI110016
Gurgaon RoadNASouth West DelhiDELHI110037
Hauz Khas MarketNASouth West DelhiDELHI110016
Hauz KhasNASouth West DelhiDELHI110016
IGI AirportNASouth West DelhiDELHI110037
IgnouNASouth West DelhiDELHI110068
IT Hauz KhasNASouth West DelhiDELHI110016
J.N.U.NASouth West DelhiDELHI110067
JaunapurNASouth West DelhiDELHI110047
JNU New CampusNASouth West DelhiDELHI110067
Kapashera.NASouth West DelhiDELHI110097
Kidwai Nagar EastNASouth West DelhiDELHI110023
Kidwai Nagar WestNASouth West DelhiDELHI110023
Kirby PlaceNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
Lado SaraiNASouth West DelhiDELHI110030
Laxmi Bai NagarNASouth West DelhiDELHI110023
MahipalpurNASouth West DelhiDELHI110037
Maidan GarhiNASouth West DelhiDELHI110068
Malcha MargNASouth West DelhiDELHI110021
MandiNASouth West DelhiDELHI110047
Masood PurNASouth West DelhiDELHI110070
MehrauliNASouth West DelhiDELHI110030
Moti BaghNASouth West DelhiDELHI110021
MunirkaNASouth West DelhiDELHI110067
Nanak PuraNASouth West DelhiDELHI110021
Nangal DewatNASouth West DelhiDELHI110037
Netaji Nagar South West DelhiNASouth West DelhiDELHI110023
NIE CampusNASouth West DelhiDELHI110016
Palam AirportNASouth West DelhiDELHI110037
Paryavaran ComplexNASouth West DelhiDELHI110030
Pinto ParkNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
R K Puram MainNASouth West DelhiDELHI110066
R K Puram Sect 1NASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram Sect 12NASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram Sect 3NASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram Sect 4NASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram Sect 5NASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram Sect7NASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram Sect 8NASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram Sector 6 Postal SBNASouth West DelhiDELHI110022
R K Puram WestNASouth West DelhiDELHI110066
R R HospitalNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
RajokariNASouth West DelhiDELHI110038
Safdarjung EnclaveNASouth West DelhiDELHI110029
Sanjay Colony Bhati MinesSouth West DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110074
Sarojini NagarDelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110023
SatbariNASouth West DelhiDELHI110074
Sawan Public SchoolSouth West DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110074
Shahbad MohammadpurNASouth West DelhiDELHI110061
Signal EnclaveNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
South Delhi CampusNASouth West DelhiDELHI110021
Station Road South West DelhiNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
Subroto ParkNASouth West DelhiDELHI110010
SultanpurNASouth West DelhiDELHI110030
T B HospitalNASouth West DelhiDELHI110030
Technology BhawanNASouth West DelhiDELHI110016
Vasant Kunj Pkt ANASouth West DelhiDELHI110070
Vasant KunjNASouth West DelhiDELHI110070
Vasant Vihar 1NASouth West DelhiDELHI110057
Vasant Vihar 2NASouth West DelhiDELHI110057
AmberhaiNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110075
BadusaraiNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110071
BagdolaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110077
BaprolaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
BarthalNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110077
ChhawlaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110071
CRPF Jharoda KalanNASouth West DelhiDELHI110072
DabriNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110045
DaulatpurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
DC GoylaSouth West DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110071
DhansaNASouth West DelhiDELHI110073
DhulsirasNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110077
Dichaun KalanNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
DindarpurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
District Court Complex DwarkaDelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110075
Dwarka Sec 6New DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110075
Galib PurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
Ghuman HeraNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
Indira ParkNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110045
IssapurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
JafarpurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
Jharoda KalanNASouth West DelhiDELHI110072
JhatikaraNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
KairNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110028
KakrolaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110078
Kangan HeriNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110071
KhairaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110028
Khera DaburNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
Malik PurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
Maya PuriNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110064
Mayapuri Shopping CentreNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110064
MitraonNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
Mundela KalanNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
N.S.I.T. DwarkaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110078
NajafgarhNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
Nangal RayaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110046
Naraina Industrial EstateNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110028
Naraina VillageNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110028
NasirpurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110045
Palam VillageNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110045
Pandwala KalanNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
PapravatNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
QuazipurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
Raj Nagar IINew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110077
RaotaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073
Rewla KhanpurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
SagarpurNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110046
SurehraNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
Tilangpur KotlaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110043
UjwaNew DelhiSouth West DelhiDELHI110073

Nearest Airport

Indira Gandhi International AirportPalam, Delhi12.7 km

Nearest Bus Stand

Hauz Khas TerminalVijay Mandal Enclave, Kalu Sarai21.5 km 
South Moti BaghMahatma Gandhi Marg, Block A17.3 km 

Nearest Metro Station

Green ParkSri Aurobindo Marg22.1 km
Chirag DelhiChirag Dilli24.2 km 

Nearest Railway Station

Lajpat Nagar Train StationLajpat Nagar28.9 km 
Pragati Maidan Train StationPragati Maidan26.9 km 

Nearest Best Hotels

Vivanta Dwarka New DelhiSector 21, Dwarka, Delhi6.4 km
The UmraoRajokri Rd14.4 km 

About South West Delhi

South West Delhi is one of the National Capital Territory of Delhi’s eleven administrative districts. Kapashera is the administrative centre of South West Delhi. Dwarka, Najafgarh, and Kapashera are the three subdivisions. Dwarka Sector 10 also houses the district court of the Delhi High Court for South West Delhi.

This district’s R.K. Puram area also contains a big number of Government officers. It also has the distinction of having Asia’s largest colony at the end of the South West District in Dwarka.

The South West District is strategically important because it is home to two airports in Delhi: Indira Gandhi International Airport and Palam Domestic Airport.

Best Places

Sulabh International Museum Of ToiletsDabri Marg, Mahavir Enclave6.6 km
Air Force MuseumPalam10.5 km

Best Foods

Patiaala House Restaurant Vikaspuri8.2 km
Swagatam restaurantd1 Block DDA market, Janakpuri8.7 km

Best Dhabas

Tite Da DhabaRajouri Garden
Kwality DhabaAshok Nagar
5 Star DhabaNew Paschim Vihar

Best Shopping Places

Pacific Mall Tagore GardenTilak Nagar12.5 km
Vegas MallSector 14 Dwarka1.8 km 

Schools Near Me

Venkateshwar International SchoolDwarka3.6 km
JBM Public SchoolSadh Nagar, Palam7.6 km

Pincode Or Location FAQS

Ques. Which is the best way to travel in Delhi?

Ans. Metro and buses are the most economical ways to travel. App-based cabs and private cars are expensive but comfortable option.

Ques. Is it advisable to rent a self drive car in Delhi?

Ans. There are reputed car rental services in Delhi and is commonly used by tourists for road trips. 

Ques. Are there cinemas, classical programs or a night life in Delhi?

Ans. Yes, you can find night show times at theatres. Delhi’s nightlife is varied, but you’ll find the classiest bars and clubs in luxury hotels open 24/7 entertaining guests.

Ques. Can I get audio guides while visiting the Delhi monuments?

Ans. Guiddoo – an audio-text guide of almost 20 popular monuments in Delhi within a single app is available.

Ques. Is Kosher food available in Delhi?

Ans. Yes. There are a lot of Jewish people living in Delhi. Jew tourists also come here. You can find the kosher food in select restaurants.

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