Pincode Of North West Delhi 

India has about 29 states and more than 8200 cities and towns. Don’t you think it is important that all of these are easily identifiable? Well to solve this problem each district, village, town, and city in India has a unique postal code called a “PIN code,” this is a code in India Post’s system for numbering post offices and assigning postcodes. The primary goal of the Postal Index Number is that it assists in sending mail and distinguishing areas from one another. 

Now, let’s understand more about how the PIN code is made different each time. The PIN code has six numbers. The first three numbers of a PIN denote a certain area of the country called a “sorting district.” Depending on the number of mail sent to that state, it may have one or more sorting districts. The fourth number is the route on which a sorting district’s delivery office is located. The last two numbers show the delivery office within the sorting district, which is the GPO or HO starting with the number 1.

Here you can find the pin codes of the North West Delhi district in Delhi.

North West Delhi District Pin Code List

SabhapurDelhi North EastNorth West DelhiDELHI110094
Adrash NagarDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110033
AlipurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
Anandvas ShakurpurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110034
Ashok ViharDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110052
AuchandiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
Badli North West DelhiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110042
Bakhtawar PurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
BakoliDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
BanknerDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
BarwalaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
BawanaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
BegumpurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110086
BhalaswaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110033
BhorgarhDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
Budh ViharDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110086
Chand PurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
Daryapur KalanDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
Delhi Engg. CollegeDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110042
Dr.Mukerjee NagarNANorth West DelhiDELHI110009
G.T.B.NagarDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110009
GaneshpuraDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110035
GheoraDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
GhogaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
Gujranwala ColonyDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110009
H.S.SanghDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110009
HaiderpurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110088
HareveliDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
HirankiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
Holambi KalanDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110082
Jahangir Puri A BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110033
Jahangir Puri D BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110033
Jahangir Puri H BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110033
Jat KhoreDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
JauntiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
KadipurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
KanjhawlaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
Kanya GurukulDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
KaralaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
KatewaraDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
Keshav Puram North West DelhiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110035
KhampurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
Khera KalanDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110082
Khera KhurdDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110082
Lad PurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
LampurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
Majra DabasDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
Mangolpuri A BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110083
Mangolpuri I BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110083
Mangolpuri N BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110083
Mangolpuri S BlockNANorth West DelhiDELHI110083
Maurya EnclaveDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110034
Model Town IIDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110009
Model Town IIIDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110009
Mubarak Pur DabasDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
MukhmelpurNANorth West DelhiDELHI110036
MungeshpurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
N.S.MandiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110033
NaharpurNorth West DelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110085
Nangal PoonaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
Nangal ThakranDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
NarelaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
Naya BansDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110082
New Multan NagarDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110056
NimriDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110052
Nirankari ColonyDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110009
NizampurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
Onkar NagarDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110035
PallaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
Pehlad PurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110042
Pooth KalanDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110086
Pooth Kalan ResettlementNANorth West DelhiDELHI110086
Pooth KhurdDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
Power HouseDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110035
Prashant ViharDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110085
Prem NagarDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110086
Punjab KhorDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
QutabagarhDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110039
RampuraDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110035
Rani BaghDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110034
Rani KheraDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110081
RithalaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110085
Rohini CourtsNANorth West DelhiDELHI110085
Rohini sec 11DelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110085
Rohini Sector 15NANorth West DelhiDELHI110089
Rohini Sector 5DelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110085
Rohini Sector 7NANorth West DelhiDELHI110085
Samai PurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110042
SanothDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
Sarai RohillaDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110035
Saraswati ViharDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110034
Satyawati NagarDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110052
Shahbad DaulatpurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110042
Shakur Basti DepotDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110056
Shakur Pur I BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110034
Shakurbasti RsDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110034
ShalamarDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110088
Shalimar Bagh North West DelhiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110088
Shastri Nagar North West DelhiDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110052
SinghuDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
SiraspurDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110042
Sri Nagar ColonyDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110034
Sultanpuri B BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110086
Sultanpuri C BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110086
Sultanpuri F BlockDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110086
Tajpur KalanDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110036
Tikri KhurdDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110040
Wazir Pur IIIDelhiNorth West DelhiDELHI110052

Nearest Airport

Indira Gandhi International AirportPalam, Delhi25.9 km

Nearest Bus Stand

Ishwar NagarNew Friends Colony41.8 km
Ashram ChowkNew Friends Colony40.2 km

Nearest Metro Station

VinobapuriNehru Nagar32.5 km
AshramNew Friends Colony40.1 km

Nearest Railway Station

Lajpat Nagar Train StationLajpat Nagar41.9 km
Okhla Bypass B CabinHari Nagar Ashram33.2 km

Nearest Best Hotels

Holiday Inn an IHG HotelMayur Vihar Noida38.2 km
The LodhiPragati Vihar37.6 km

About North West Delhi

Across the Yamuna, the districts of North Delhi to the east and southeast, West Delhi to the south, Jhajjar District of Haryana state to the west, Sonipat District of Haryana state to the northwest and north, Bagpat District and Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh state to the northeast.

Saraswati Vihar, Rohini Sub City, and Kanjhawala are the three subdivisions of the district.

Best Places

Doodle’s GardenClub West Punjabi Bagh11.6 km
Coronation ParkModel Town18.3 km

Best Dhabas

Khalsa DhabaSanjay Nagar
Sonu da DhabaRohini Pocket 5
Punjabi DhabaRohini Sector 11

Best Foods

BlackJackWest Punjabi Bagh Club Road12 km
Verandah MoonshineWest Punjabi Bagh 12.6 km

Best Shopping Places

Ambience MallRohini6.8 km

Schools Near Me

Apeejay School Pitampura6.9 km
Brilliant’s Convent Senior Secondary SchoolPitampura5.2 km

Pincode or location FAQS

Ques. What to pack while travelling in India?

Ans. The local stores in urban cities mostly have everything you might need.

• Quality spinner suitcase, locks and cable

• Comfortable sturdy walking shoes

• Layered clothes (cotton/woollen)

• Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, power bank,

• Prescription drugs

Ques. What etiquettes for visitors in Delhi I should be aware of?

Ans. Religious Etiquettes: Covering head is must for Gurudwara or a Mosque. Leather items are not allowed in Jain temples. Don’t photograph cremation ceremonies.

Etiquettes: Food is generally eaten with hands. Hindus usually avoid beef. 5%-10% tipping is common in restaurants.

Greeting: Bow head and fold hands to greet elderly people

Business Etiquettes: Business meetings in India are slightly less formal than the occidental.

Ques. Are tourists allowed to pay the beggars?

Ans. It’s best to avoid the panhandlers. It’s not illegal to pay the beggars or children on the street, but there’s always a better way around.

Ques. What are the major religions in India?

Ans. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, and Sikhism are majorly practised. India is a secular country and you will find many other religions all across the nation.

Ques. What is the pollution condition in Delhi and other parts of India?

Ans. Delhi has hazardous level of pollution with AQI (Air Quality Index) of around 468. Most of the urban cities in India are also polluted.

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